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Child on the loose 3
Child on the loose 3
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Reign III

Events from the Reign of Galmr III and Aryanna I (September 2001 - April 2002) (Hits: 2627)
Storvik Baronial Champs (10)
The Storick Baronial Champions Tourney was held at Marietta Mansion over in Glenn Dale, MD on Saturday September 22nd, 2001. It was a nice day, bright and sunny, but not hot at all. A small, local event as my first event as King after Coronation. I watched the various marshal activities and held a brief Court. Since I had Marcus with me I couldn’t really stay past midafternoon. He has to get a nap or he is a holy terror. On the whole, he was well behaved as he really likes watching the fighting. There were also about half a dozen other kids there for him to play with so I was able to check him back into the momma all tired out and happy.
Siege of Glengary (4)
Lochmere Dance Revel January 2002 (2)

The week after 12th Night was the Lochmere Dance Revel. It was held at the St. James church in southern MD, a site we use a lot. It has a nice hall for 100 or less and a field, a couple of rooms, etc. Since it was ‘winter’, we stayed mostly in the hall. There was dancing to live music, dance teaching, a keg, good food, etc. I like events like this, small, laid-back, no pressure. I even danced some. We took the opportunity to catch a few people for awards that didn’t post at 12th Night, still missed some anyway, oh well. Just a couple of pictures for this one though. As with 12th night, the court setting was backlit, so several of the other shots did not turn out. As usual, Etain shot them with my camera.

Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival 2002 (4)
Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival is a great idea for an event. And, I think it has great potential. But, I am not sure the execution quite hits the mark. The site chosen for this year’s iteration was particularly ill suited to this kind of event. If you are familiar with Old Cabel Hall on the campus of UVa, then you know what I am talking about. It is an smallish, dark classroom building that is at least 60 years old. Most of the rooms are real small by today’s standards, the bathrooms are on alternating floors and the climate control is challanged. Also, the auditorium is in another, but attached building. The parking is reasonably close by, 100’ or so. Unfortunately, it is across a major road and 50-75’ lower in elevation. There is a very small, secret unloading area for the New Cabel Hall that was useful for getting most of the court stuff out. But the whole thing was quite a bother for many of the displayers. The building has been the site of several UofAs over the years and is an OK site for that assuming the weather is good and you can do the convocation outside in the courtyard. Also, we had a fair amount of student traffic through the site as there were other activities in the buildings.

The threat of freezing precipitation kept the crowd down for the event, but all told probably 200-250 people attended. Had to tell due to the site. There were about 125 people in court. Usually a little more than half the people on site attend, depending on the size of the event. Some of the displays were truly amazing. I am continually amazed at the progress the Arts have made in Atlantia over my career in the SCA.

We had a short court to recognize a few worthy gentles and allow a forum for all the prizes to be awarded. The following pictures were taked by Etain with my digital camera. The light was not great and she (correctly) didn’t want to use a flash, so the results suffered somewhat.

Twelth Night 2002 (1)
Kingdom Twelfth Night is the biggest event of the winter reign and used to be THE event. These days that has faded somewhat (IMHO) for two reasons: 1) the size of the halls we can afford and 2) the number of regional 12th nights or other good events that draw people. In general, it is hard to find a hall that will fit 800 people in a combination of dinner seating and court seating. Actually, we just need to come to the realization that (like with many other events) these larger Kingdom-level events are become big time events and need a realistic budget. We already pay on the order of $25/person for a cramped hall and taxed cooking facilities. I would be willing to pay $30 or $35 for a hall with enough space. Adding $4000-$8000 to the site budget should be able to land us some reasonable event space.

Anyway, back to the event report: this year we held the event in the Hollywood Fire Hall in (you guessed it) Hollywood, MD (far southern MD). That used to be a spacious hall, but not with the numbers that we had. In fact, thanks to a surprise snowstorm in the Deep South, we had far fewer people than we anticipated. I estimate around 400-500 people instead of the 800 expected. Still, it was far from empty in there.

As you might expect, as Monarchs at the big event of the season, we had a lot of awards to give. As a result, we had two formal courts (one in the morning and one in the evening) plus an informal one during the Ball. Even though a bunch of the people we had hope to catch did not make, enough did that it all worked out. Plus splitting things up between two courts keep the crowd from getting too antsy. Unfortunately, the dais was back lit for the morning court and with the dim hall, only one of the pictures that Etain took of the proceedings merits display.

The event included the usual sumptious feast and deserts and was followed by a Ball that featured a new dance choreographed for the occasion by Lord Vard. To the amusement of many who thought that I could not even spell ‘dance’, I danced a few with Her Majesty and a few more with Etain. Then, it was time to move to the post-revel phase with beer for all.

A Pilgrim's Tale (5)
A Pilgrim’s Tale was held on October 20th, 2001 in Roxbury Mill. The day as perfect for the event, bright and sunny, warm, but not too hot. Duke Baduoin had constructed a number of clever scenarios for the fighting. Other members of the shire put a considerable amount of effort into creating props and backstory for the event. Stuff like this (i.e., creativity) is what most other events sorely miss.

The fighting was pretty cool even if hampered by the lack of fighters. I think we had a total of 17 or 18 fighters and two archers. At no time was everyone on the field at the same time, however and only one of the originally planned 6 scenarios was run. However a modification of the first one was run until everyone had enough. It was cool, it ended in a tie, that was even cooler.

One of my favorite parts of the event was the saints asking questions of the pilgrims. Duke Gyrth, Duchess Caterina, and Lord Istvan walked around the event asking questions about medieval history (mostly of the crusades) or SCA history. There were easy, medium and hard questions in each category. Correct answers were rewarded with cast pilgrim’s badges. Different difficulty questions got different badges (higher points for harder questions). At the end of the day, the top 8 pilgrims got to turn in their badges for prizes. I didn’t formally participate in this, but was able to answer about half the real history questions that I heard and almost all of the SCA questions. I was amazed at some people’s relative lack of knowledge on the area they are supposed to be familiar with though. Maybe this will inspire people to do more reading, there are a ton of easy to read books that give useful background knowledge of the period.

Another amusing part of the event is that I did court in Saracen garb. Apparently, this was a cool thing. Several of the shire members thanked me for making the effort to fit into the theme of the events and congratulated my for having the guts to do court in a turban. I am not sure it was all that, but I am pleased that a fairly small effort on my part made a big difference to the local people. Perhaps the Crown should try to help more events in this way. The real push for this came from Lady Violante who was in charge of A&S activities for the event and, despite her name, is seriously into the real middle eastern thing (as opposed to the drum maggots in skimpy clothes). I was impressed with her knowledge and research and Lady Etain created a suitable outfit for me and a matching one for Marcus who was there for most of the day.

No picutes of fighting this time, I forgot to assign the camera to someone. There are a couple of pictures of Marcus (taken by me) and then some court pictures of court taken by Llewyllen.

The Coronation of Logan III and Isabel I (5)
On April 6th, 2002 the glorious reign of Gàlmr III & Aryanna I came to an end. As the song says, it was a long strange trip. 8042 miles to be precise. That is how many miles that I drove or rode in vehicles from the Crown Tourney that I won until I got home from (de)Coronation. While it didn’t turn out the way I had imagined it before it all began, I think the end result was still pretty good.

My goal in this endeavor at the beginning was twofold, the first was to give Aryanna a chance to sit the throne. The second was to try and improve on the miserable experience that I had during my second reign, a period that was marred by an ongoing BoD sponsored ‘Atlantian Commission’, a broken vertibrae, and various other bitter political issues.

This iteration started while I was Earl Marshal. My term was nearing the end and I was not going to serve a second one. Aryanna approached me with a proposal that I fight for her in Crown. I had done this once before right when Katharina and I started dating. Things didn’t work out at that tourney and I got blown out (that turned out to be the last time I when 0-2 in a double elimination tourney until recently getting smoked in the Best of the Best Tourney at Pennsic XXX). Unfortunately for Aryanna, I won the next one, but for Katharina. Oh well. So, anyway, time to try again. Katharina is already a Duchess and isn’t really interested in the SCA any more. Aryanna asked her if we could do this and she agreed. Some of the other advantages to reigning with Aryanna:

* Not being married to the Queen meant that I could be off-duty at times.
* Splitting the costs over two reasonably well employed households reduced the financial impact.

The first time out was the Crown of Anton and Emer in the Fall of 2000. It was the first trial of best 2-out-of-3, junior picks weapons form format tourney that was run. It wasn’t my favorite, but it didn’t hurt me as much as some. While sword and shield is by far my best weapons form, I am pretty competent in the others. The first round: polearm (2-0), second round: katana (2-0), third round: two sword (2-0), fourth round: sword and shield (2-1) fighting a rapier guy who can flat out face thrust, but didn’t have much else for me. The semifinals was the rip. I had to fight Sir Vlad, easily the best polearm fighter in the kingdom. He had to beat me two (2-out-of-3) matches straight to advance. Unfortunately, I went 1-2 and 0-2 to be eliminated. That process took the better part of 30 minutes so, Vlad had precious little left for the finals and lost to Havordh.

Next try was Havordh and Mary-Grace’s Crown and it was a conventional double elimination format. The only madness was the it was held in Cheraw, SC. I don’t know how they found this site, it was so far off the boat, we used GPS. Basically, go to Florence, SC and turn right, go about 2 hours through little one shanty town after another and endless soybean fields until you get there. Two of my squires nearly got shot by an Indian liquor store owner after he got a little uppity in fact that he didn’t take credit or debit cards. They were stunned, who carries cash anymore? Did I mention one of them was ranting at the confused guy while they were both in garb? At least they left the spears in the truck.

Somehow I got way off the topic. If you want to know more about the Crown Tourney go there. Back to (de)Coronation. Actually, first a little chatting about the reign in general and then on to the event itself.

I think that my first reign will still be the most special to me. The others all had their high points, but at the end of it all, I don’t think that I am ever going to do it again. This was my third reign and I think the ‘product’ that we put on at Court was the best of my 3 reigns. We did a lot of preparation to make it that way:

* We only used quality heralds
* We had a large enough, but not too large retinue.
* We had special, custom scroll texts prepared (thanks Gyrth).

OK, so now on to the event. The site was a Boy Scout camp about 20 miles SE of Fayetteville, NC. A nice, if somewhat spread out site. The weather was perfect: sunny and pleasant (especially for coastal NC). We all stayed at a hotel on the exit at I-95 and day tripped in to the site. Most of us decided that we really had had enough events for a while and were going to bail out at some point during the afternoon festivities. The plan was for a big party at the hotel.

Last Court was a bit unusual in that it included a brief Sacred Stone Baronial Court and the investiture of a new Baroness Sacred Stone. That group is always a hot bed of politics and the polling for a new Coronet had to be redone once during our reign, then there was the politics at the Crown level with the Prince living in the group and pushing one the of the candidates. You just don’t want to know. In the end, the Prince and myself compromised and I did the investiture so if it all went into the pot, he could be clean on it. Other than that, it went pretty standard. There were some nice presentations to us, we gave a bunch of awards to those who toiled in the background so that this all came off. Then we stepped down, and left the hall. After a brief pause, Logan and Isabel assumed the thrones and recognized Aryanna as a Lady of the Rose and a Countess as is custom.

At that point we all went to the vehicles to begin, or in some cases, continue the alcohol phase. I hung out for a few hours while the tourney got organized and chatted with friends. Then a couple of us left site in search of food and party. Hanging out at the hotel was cool and all, but it never really took on party proportions. Exhaustion and for some, tension kept things from taking off and it was a wee bit too cold outside. So, some drinking got done and some hanging out got done, but nothing earthshattering.

The return trip was uneventfully even though traffic was abysmal and the (new/rebuilt) transmission in the Ranger was acting up. The trip took 7 hours instead of the rated 5.5. That turned out to be the end of the Ranger. Now replaced with a 2000 Ford F-150 SuperCab, 4WD power everything. Rah.

OK, so on to the pictures. The person I tapped with my camera as ‘camera girl’ failed in her tasks. Etain was in the retinue for this final Court, so I got no personal pictures. This set was lifted off of the Atlantian Spinners Guild web site and were all taken by Fiona, if I am not mistaken (the twin sister to the new Baroness Sacred Stone).

The first sequence shows the new Baroness being escorted into court by the son of the outgoing Baron and Baroness, then Kasiaya swears her fealty to the Crown and finally, is invested as the fourth Coronet of Sacred Stone.

Gulf Wars XI (10)
Another year, another Gulf Wars. So far, I have been to every one except Gulf Wars IX. Feel free to question my sanity, my wife certainly does.

The first one was a rather seat-of-the-pants affair run by Duke Inman and had maybe 200 fighters, 500 or so people total. That was a blast because I had never traveled so far for an event (24 hours by the route we took) with so little information (an exit name near a town in a state none of us had ever been to). The first one was held the last weekend of May, 1992 and was so hot, Inman was sure people were going to die. Especially us effete northerners. The day of battle dawned hot and bright. Call it 98 degrees and 100% humidity. Being a lifetime resident of the DC Metro area (designated a Tropical posting by the British government, I figured, “how bad could it be?” Real bad actually. I may chronicle that whole trip on a page of it’s own.

Anyway, back to 2002, the event is now running about 3500 people, mostly non-fighters. There were maybe 600-700 fighters on the field. It is now more like a southern Pennsic. Some years ago it lost its ‘a fighter’s war’ feel. On the plus side there are lots of activities for the non-fighting inclined (archery, thrown weapons, A&S classes and displays, Equestrian activities, children stuff, etc.). And, if the site is more primitive (think of a mostly drained, bug infested swamp in winter) than Cooper’s Lake, the weather is generally nicer (mid 70’s-80’s in the day, mid 40’-50’s at night). The event now has all the well-intended, if somewhat over-officious staff that Pennsic has sported for years, with no noticeable improvement in the experience from my perspective.

There are at least as many merchants now as there are at Pennsic. They occupy the large front area of the event (much to the grumbling of many campers (this constitutes a large portion of the really best camping area (including all of the area that Atlantia used prior to 2 or 3 years ago)). Sadly, mostly they were variations of just a couple of themes. Most of them are aimed lower than I am interested in these days. There are only so many vaguely medieval swords and klingon fighting whatevers that a guy can need, after all. The only ones that had stuff I was interested in (and could afford) were Atlantian, or at least I see them all the time. So, I didn’t buy much.

As to the event itself, I can’t say I really enjoyed myself. I went to New Orleans before the event, something that I usually do and actually had a lot more fun than I thought I would despite the fact that many of the people I consider fun couldn’t make it this year. I had a lot less fun at the event itself than I thought I would despite running into a bunch of old friends. Oh well. Maybe next year I will just go to New Orleans and call it good.

Travel was a pain in the ass and all my fault. I planned to splurge and fly this year. Being King, I was going to have cabin space for the event and that meant I could travel pretty light. I had arranged for my armor and garb to go down in a truck with my squire since he couldn’t afford to fly. The timing worked out such that he would be in New Orleans in time to meet my plane, so I didn’t even need to shuttle into the city. All that worked perfectly. The down side is, as I discovered the day before the trip, I couldn’t make my return flight. While I was working the itineraries with him to find something that matched up, I must have gone through 20 or 30. Well, when I got ready to buy one, I ended up with one with a return flight on Wednesday the 20th rather than Sunday the 17th as planned. Somehow, I didn’t notice. That sucked, SouthWest has changed it’s policy on rebooking tickets to the point that it cost about $200 to reticket me. No way. The original ticket with taxes, tags and freight was on $183. So, I decided to just ride home with Shane and Henry in the truck with my shit. I am still bitter.

The weather was great, if a little hot. Apparently, we missed the big rain storm. There seems to be one big blow per Gulf Wars. One year, GWVIII, it started to rain in Friday and wasn’t projected to let up until Monday. So, they scrubbed the fighting altogether. That was a drag. It was one of the main causes for me to skip the following war. This time it hit on Monday, the night I landed in New Orleans. When I got off the plane, it had just finished raining and while it appeared to rain again late late that night, I didn’t notice. It tried to rain again on like Friday, but it never really happened.

The pictures are entirely from the procession and Opening Ceremonies. I had my camera, but could never find someone to take any pictures for me. These are from Oswulf. If you were ever looking for a picture of Gàlmr on a horse, you came to the right spot! For the ceremonies, they had all of the Royalty on horseback. Very nice touch and it looks cool. Unfortunately, few of us have ever had the occasion to ride a horse. A suggestion for those who get the opportunity in the SCA and are members of the Chivalry -- take off your spurs -- they really do work. We wear them as effectively jewelry, but horses, being somewhat traditional creatures, still respond to them as the gas pedal.

The fighting was fairly typical. The southern kingdoms tend to hit/take lighter than we do so we have to be on guard about all that sort of stuff. This year, I decided to fight on the side of Trimaris for a number of reasons, not the least of which was that they were badly outnumbered. Not that Atlantia’s 40 fighters did much to redress that situation. But, I like to think that we took care of more than our fair share.

The first battle, as in the last few years was a massive, 90 minute resurrection battle in a ravine. The layout is a dry ravine about 75 yards wide fought in lengthwise. One resurrection in the near end, one in the far end, about 200-300 yards away. The fight this year is over possession of a single, immobile banner. Despite being the least value terrain in sight, it presumably represents some valuable resource that cannot be moved. The rules, as is typical, changed by the moment right up to lay-on. The final iteration was general holds, only possession at the end counted. Sometimes, they do checks of the banner every x minutes to encourage a useful contest. Combat Archery was allowed, this is one area where being on the Trimarian side really pays off. They have several excellent archers, while the Ansteorans have very few.

I would have to say that despite not practicing much lately, my spear work was more than adequate to the task. In fact, near the end I had to keep an eye on the tip as it was degrading. For most of the battle we ruled the field and dominated the banner right up until the last push. The other side received about 50-60 fresh fighters at some point during the course of the battle and while they weren’t the nest, shear numbers won them the banner. However, good fighters find a way to be in the right place at the right time. With about 3 minutes to go I found myself in a group consisting of the King, Prince and a Duke of the East, the King of Aethelmarc and a Duke from Trimaris fighters. We were pinching in on the right flank of the banner guard from upslope unconsciously working into the wedge being driven by Cuan and the heart of the Atlantian army.

Unfortunately, our progress was impeded by repeated holds from the zone around the banner. As I mentioned, this is the center of a ravine, about 30’ below grade and the spot chosen for the banner was the lowest spot. Therefore, it was hot, dusty and dangerous. Ultimately, the marshals convinced the Kings to find another resolution to the battle. They settled on a last man standing fight which we lost by 20 or so people.

The next day was the Champion Fights. We lost that on the last encounter of the 15 or 20 of that battle, but all of the Atlantians won their fights and handily. After that, the field battles. Best two out of three with combat archery in the first one and the last one. We had our traditional spot in the horse shit on the left end of the line. We got crushed. The numbers that just edged us in the ravine, showed up and there was little that we could do. On the defensive, Atlantia probably killed 2.5 times their number, but it didn’t matter in the end. The second one featured a bold assault up the right flank where we ran up the sideline and attacked the rear of the columns as they started to move. It worked awesomely and they enemy died in droves. Unfortunately, that caused a lengthy hold during which the opposing troops were able to reposition themselves against a flank attack and we got crushed again. The final battle featured a change of sides by Calontir to balance things up and a return to the field of our archers. This ended up being the same basic plan (strategic defensive on the left flank) as the first battle. This time we executed better, were not as badly outnumbered and faced a foe that had it wrapped up, so we won. Oh well. It was a well fought affair except for the part where I dislocated my right thumb in the first battle. That hurt like hell, but I got it back in myself and was able to fight the rest of the battles.

The last day was the dreadful castle battle. Dreadful because even though there is this cool castle, a combination of its construction techniques and the rules keep it from being an interesting battle. I skipped it this year because of my thumb (I swear). Also, since I was driving home, we decided to leave about 2pm and arrive about 5pm on Sunday with time to unpack and play with the boys.

The drive (after a great dinner of steak) was a tedious drive through the rural Deep South. But, uneventful and that is all we are looking for at this point.

Ymir 2002 (2)
Focused time-on-target, that was the theme for this event. This event was the week after I came back from the annual Lotus user’s conference in Florida, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of time away from the family. In the interest of car pooling, I rode down with Vlad and Angus in Vlad’s truck. These guys hate to spend a night at an event unless it is Pennsic, they wanted to head home after Court on Saturday. Since I wouldn’t be the one driving, I was OK with that. We left early Friday afternoon, toodling down in plenty of time to take care of my royalty business. I was even able to scare up beds in the Royal cabin for Vlad and Angus. We left after court (about 9pm) on Saturday night and therefore, I got to be home all day Sunday. Things like that is real important when it comes to the boys. I can’t remember, but this may have been one of the many events that Aryanna flew to, while I drove. For the record, I only flew to one event (and due to circumstances, sadly, completely in my control, had to drive home from). This was a particularly pleasing event for Her Majesty and myself. We were able to offer peerages to two people whom we respect very much and were well deserving of the accolade. The first was Rodrigo Falcone, a hard working fellow in the marshallate who finally found the time to push his fighting to a high enough level to be recognized as the knight that we all knew him to be. The other is Robear de Bardolf, a cook of more than surpassing skill. He specializes in making food you want to eat. Not too many carnivores are late to a Robear feast. Peerages are some of the most difficult and most pleasing things that you can do as Royalty. First off, you have to do the polling and select some worthy candidates, but this is the highest level of award you can bestow, so a certain amount of prepare and personalization is called for. For Falcone, Badioun did his usual magic with the setting up the vigil. Falcone is a personal friend of his and I think he went the extra mile. We put Falcone on vigil on Friday night, catching him on the field and escorting him down a darkened path to a lake side vigil site. As we moved down the path, various people stopped the procession and imparted some wisdom. At the vigil site, we surprised him with a woman from the Outlands? that was a blast from the past. She came to Atlantia specifically to be there for him. I thought he was going to stroke out before we could dub him. The ceremony itself was held at 9 am on Saturday (much to the surprise and consternation of those who believe in ‘SCA time’. Duchess Caterina authored the ceremony that we used for the actual knighting which was were well received by everyone present. The morning court ended by putting Robear on vigil for the Laurel. He was completely stunned, for the second time in 12 hours, I thought we would be needed a crash cart. His friends engineered a wonderful vigil overlooking the lake. Of course, it was well provided with good food. After a number of squirings and the playing of a prize, the much anticipated tourney began. This has become the tourney to kick off the season and this year had something like 112 people in the double elim match. Surprisingly well run, the tourney did actually finish before dark. We had to miss it with the preparation for the evening Court. We held Court in the large pavilion which was decorated for the purpose. Unfortunately, even though it is central North Carolina, it is still February. The pleasant temperature that held throughout the day plummeted after dark. It was all we could do to get through Court. Eventually, it did end and we got on the road about 9:30 pm I had neither my camera nor someone with a camera that I could pimp pictures from. So, the pics here have been lifted from the web.
Coronation of Galmr and Aryanna (28)
We made it! The Coronation of Gàlmr and Aryanna was Saturday September 8th hosted by the Barony of Lochmere (the site was Camp St. Charles on the water; actually in Dun Carraig). The day was very bright and a bit on the hot and humid side for September. It began with the Last Court of Havordh and Mary-Grace which turned into Coronation itself. That was follow by various festivities include both an armored combat and rapier tourney, an archery shoot, etc. Then the First Court of Gàlmr and Aryanna and a sumptous feast cooked be Lord Robear. The feast was an event in itself. As the cook said, “It contains the four important food groups: beef, chicken, pork and lamb.” Since the hall was rather small, the feast was served in two seatings. Considering all that was served, it went extremely well. The event concluded with Curia on Sunday morning at 9am.
Ponte Alto Investiture (13)
I seem to have been involved in most of the turnovers of the Coronet of Ponte Alto since it’s inception. At the Coronation of my ancestor of fond regard Gàlmr I, I was presented with a petition to elevate the (then) Canton of Ponte Alto to Baronial status. This was granted on the last event of the reign prior to Coronation. Gàlmr II was Prince and in attendance at the investiture of the second Baron and Baroness of Ponte Alto. I was at the investiture of the third Baron & Baroness, one of the few events Katharina attended between the births of Marcus and Joseph. Here, I get to do it again with Thomas and Denise as the fourth Baron and Baroness Ponte Alto. I am sure they will do a great job as they are very active and will promote PA in all parts of the Kingdom. It was a little chilly, but not a bad day for the event. They held a Rose Tourney after the investiture that looked fun. As is usual, my schedule as King didn’t really involve time to fight between the courts, but my squires got to play. Basically, the loser of a bout gave the winner a flower to give to the person who inspired them. You could fight until you ran out of flowers. This event also marked the return of Keilyn fitz Warren to Atlantian soil (yay!). After the tourney, we held a longer Court (inside this time) that included some actions by the new Baron and Baroness to get their household rolling. Immediately after court, we were treated to a great feast cooked by Kevin of Thornbury (and staff). Again for this event, I had no personal photographer, so these pictures were taken by Cynwrig who was playing with his new toy (a digital camera this time) at the event. We only had pictures from the morning courts, I forget why. Many thanks to him for the copies.

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