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The Home Page for Wayne Precht

& His Various Alter Egos

This is probably my 4th or 5th attempt at creating a repository of the random things I write, find useful, want to save or whatever. So far this wiki format seems to be the easiest content management system for my style of working. For one thing, it's all online. For another, I can grant access to others to add/edit stuff. Simple formatting is all I need anyway and the clean nature of MediaWiki appeals to me. It's also the same software I run at work for our development wiki.

After 5 years of running this, I guess it's time for some new content. I seem to have stuff in a million places. I doubt I will ever find the time to gather it all in one place. So for now, I'll use this as a launch point to send you to wherever the content you're looking for happens to be today. Let's start with the basic stuff:

  • Real Life Links about and the family, pictures, etc.
  • All about Gàlmr -- My on-site SCA stuff and links to elsewhere as needed
  • Woodworking On-site woodworking material and links to projects past and present
  • Our Library (off-site) is a link to our LibraryThing. We have a crazy amount of books even allowing that all our fiction is being converted to ebooks, we continue to acquire non-fiction books at an alarming rate. Lately these hard-to-find and out-of-print books have gotten a little spendy...

Other Stuff you may be looking for:

  • My eBay Store where I sell all manner of vintage hand tools with a focus on 18th and 19th Century woodworking hand tools.
  • My Etsy Store where I sell small furniture and decorative items that I make in my shop.
  • My Wayne / AB3RY QRZ Page where you can see what radio stuff I do looks like.

Other than those topics, feel free to wander around the wiki. I can suggest the Categories link on the left navigation box as a good place to start.

--Wprecht 07:45, 02 October 2013 (EDT)