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Duke Gàlmr Ingolfsson

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Gàlmr's Arms (usually): Per chevron embattled azure and argent, two lions couchant respectant Or and a drakkar proper, sailed gules. (registered 05/90)

I have the honor and privilege to be currently serving as the 7th Baron of Lochmere along with my Lady wife, Eydis Herjolfrsdóttir. You can find out more about that by visiting the Lochmere website.

I am not going to bore you with some complex persona history. Besides, the SCA seems to have gotten away from most of the role-playing aspects in recent years. In any case, my persona is based on an 11th Century (approximate 1030) Icelandic Viking; a humble farmer, woodworker and sometimes warrior. Even though Iceland officially converted to Christianity in 1000, there were still a lot of sympathies for the old ways. You will see Gàlmr sporting a Thor’s Hammer for as long as he can get away with it.

I've been playing in the SCA for a while now; my first event was Pennsic XIV (1985). Along the way I've met many a good person, some sadly no longer with us, but I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything. Also along the way I've been honored with the following awards and titles (from the Atlantian Order of Precedence):

   * Territorial Baron 09/11/2010
   * Duke 10/05/1996
   * Count 03/07/1992
   * Knight 08/12/1992
   * Companion of the Pearl 01/14/2012
   * Companion of the Golden Dolphin 08/16/2000
   * Award of Arms 04/16/1988
   * Augmentation of Arms (Company of the Banner) 08/13/1997
   * King’s Award of Excellence 09/23/2000
   * Companion of the Shark's Tooth 05/28/1994
   * Companion of the Shark's Tooth 03/16/2001
   * Companion of the Order of the Crab's Claw (Lochmere Baronial Fighting Award) 04/1991
   * Companion of the Company of the Silver Silkie (Storvik Baronial Fighting Award) 01/2007
   * Fellow of the University of Atlantia 03/98

Links to things about my SCA life: