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German cabinentmaker (1589)

A Craftsman’s Journey

Research into the tools and techniques of pre-industrial woodworking
Duke Galmr Ingolffson, Baron of Lochmere, KSCA, OGD, OP, etc., etc.

My interests lie primarily in Anglo-American furniture between the middle of the 14th Century and the beginning of WWI. Studying and building furniture from this period has stimulated my interest in the tools and techniques the original artisans used to produce their works.

My life is too short and my build queue too long that I plan to make many pieces in a wholly period fashion. However, my experience to date has shown that in a lot of cases hand tools are faster and more accurate than the equivalent modern power tool. As a result many of my projects rely on power tools for stock preparation and course-grained dimensioning. Thereafter, a mix of power and hand tools is used depending on the task. Final surface preparation for all project offered for competition or display is always hand tools.

My long term goal is to research and produce a complete cabinet maker’s kit of tools by researching and building them one tool at a time.

This tome documents my completed projects, works in progress and research into the craft of woodworking. While some of my projects and research lie outside the normal SCA period, I have included selected projects as illustrations of breadth and depth of my body of work. The organization the book is as follows:

  1. Completed SCA-period projects submitted for display or competition
  2. Works-in-progress for SCA display or competition
  3. Current areas of research in tools and techniques
  4. A portfolio of other SCA projects not all are period (often camp furniture for Pennsic).
  5. A sampling completed furniture and tools outside of the SCA period

NEW: From time to time some folks have asked me if I would sell any of my work. I've recently decided to make a go of selling antique handtools and items I make. I have a few items available now in my Etsy Store. More will be added as I get time.

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