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If you’re here, you must be seriously lost. I’m sorry for your misfortune.

That said if you’d like to hang around a while and see what’s here, feel free. But be warned, I’m pretty damn good at wasting other people’s time. Also, be advised that without the burden of an editor I take far too many words to describe anything at all.

You may recognize the site's mascot in the logo area. That's Hedda, my Siberian Husky, and constant companion. She's rounded into a great dog and is quick to alert me when my blood sugar needs looking after before I choke some fool that needs choking. I have probably 1000s of pictures of her and our other dogs Sasha and Rigo. You'll see more of them scattered about.

As this is, at least, the 27th version of a personal website for me, I'm over trying to make it a repository for everything. At the moment (Feb 2020), this is primarily an online presence for my woodworking projects and my research into pre-industrial woodworking tools and furniture.

Hedda & Rigo (Jan 2016)

I'll probably add some writing projects as I complete them. I used to have a daily(ish) blog, but who has time for that crap anymore? Plus I don't have something interesting to say every day. Some would say hardly ever. Some of my articles are short and I had been posting them on Facebook. But some are rather long for that short attention span theater. So I will dump them here, I have a lot of disk space.

I used to have the sort of job that left me lots of time to craft webpages in the name of "research". Alas, no more. A wiki isn't the best content management system, but it's fast and easy (for me).