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I read constantly. Sometimes for fun, well, usually for fun, at least as I see it. Other folks (Jess) don't understand that sometimes particle physics or 18th Century military history or perhaps philosophy count as fun as much as the hard sci-fi that's my usual late-night chill-before-bed fare.

So the pages here are a place to record the books I've read so I can look them up, especially useful when trying to keep up with a couple of dozen series. Also, I can make lists of recommended books on various topics where I've read deeply and possibly add some rambling reviews for some of them.

Since sometime in 2016 I've read over 400 books (as I write this 30 Sept 2020). I have been tracking the books I've read on Goodreads through their Reading Challange gamification of reading. And I will use those lists to seed this part of the site. What I read before that, I couldn't list in any exhaustive fashion. Show me a book and I could tell you if I read it and maybe when, maybe.

Other than amassing a list of books I've read for a narcissistic sense of accomplishment, I do want to put together a few curated lists of Books Worth Reading on topics of personal or professional interest.

The organization of this stuff will probably go through many iterations before I find one that is navigable without being too annoying. So let's get started.