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You don't get to be this size and not at least have some passing acquaintance with food. Growing up, my mother didn't really like to cook. Once I could see over the top of the stove and had a better than 50/50 chance I wouldn't set myself on fire, I got qualified on the oven and stove left to my own devices for any food that wasn't a family meal. That's not to say I really know how to cook, but I won't starve and people seem OK with what I cook.

Collecting a few recipes here so I can find them again. Perhaps you'll like them, perhaps not. If you hate it, you probably did it wrong :) I should note that none of these are my creation. They at least started out as someone else's recipe, I may have made some changes, but that's hardly creation per se.

I'll add pictures as I can. I don't normally have the phone in the kitchen, but I guess I will have to start.