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If you’re here, you must be seriously lost. I’m sorry for your misfortune.

Hedda & Rigo Enjoying the Snow

That said if you’d like to hang around and see what’s here, feel free. But be warned, I’m pretty damn good at wasting time and that could be yours as well as mine.

This wiki serves as the publicly accessible slice of my electronic brain/archive. It's a:

  • Repository of articles and information that I have written or collected, mostly about woodworking.
  • Notes and documentation of some of my more notable woodworking projects, mostly SCA related.
  • Information on old woodworking tools (mostly related to those I resell online).
  • Random other writing that is basically the "best of" from things I have posted elsewhere.
  • Dog pictures, lots of dog pictures.
  • Books I have read, recommend or want to read. Since I read 50-80 books a year and 'read in' probably twice that number, there's plenty on that...
  • A photographic portfolio of my woodworking projects
  • Other stuff like:

So...who am I and why do you care? See the About page on my blog.