Type 2E - Backless Savonarola Chairs

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BIF Ms. 09 Pèlerinage de Jésus-Christ, Folio 059v, 1400, Frankrijk

I have only seen a couple images of this style. It's a Type 2D with no back board. And in these cases it seems it never had a back rather than just a Type 2D with a missing back. If I run into a bunch more images, I may dive deeper. But, at this point, I am just noting it as a variation.


Seating is along the X.

Practical Matters:

These have basically the same attributes as the Type 2D except they lack a back which is an extra piece and a fragile one at that.

Construction Notes:

I have not attempted this form and doubt I will for the same reasons as not doing the Type 2D.

Common Terms: I haven't seen it specifically referenced, but I doubt they would have made the distinction about a back or not and so the terms for a 'regular' Savonarola would apply: Scherenstuhl (German), Vouwstoel (Dutch), Sedia Savoranola (Latin)

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