Current work

From Wayne's Dusty Box of Words

This is some of my more recent work.

  • The Big Bed Project - We needed a larger bed so I would have some room amidst the dogs and wife. Vaguely based on the Skaker beds I had made previously, this one was designed to be the last one I would need to build. It's all white oak and the frame alone is close to 200 lbs. Add in the plywood mattress base and the 14" memory foam mattress and its probably 400 lbs. It doesn't wiggle, wobble or squeak.
  • The Stickley No. 53 Double Costumer - A close copy of this 1905 piece of Arts & Craft furniture. You can read more about it here and here.
  • Medieval Folding Stools - I have built 3 so far. You can find the documentation here.
  • Marking and Measuring Tools - My tool historian shines through from time to time. I am particularly partial to marking and measuring tools so I make them when I need a break from the furniture. You can find the documentation here.
  • QSL Card Boxes - I made some boxes to store QSL cards for members of my Amateur Radio club. If you don't know what QSL Cards are, Google it.
  • A front vise - I added a front vise to my hand tool workbench. The screw was purchased (from Lake Erie Toolworks), I made the chop and the pin-board. It's a great addition.
  • A lantern box - Sized to hold our metal and glass lanterns for Pennsic.