Early career

From Wayne's Dusty Box of Words

Here are some of the (most SCA-related) things I made early on. This stuff is mostly about filling out our needs for a functioning Ducal household at Pennsic and other camping events. So, don't get all judgy, I didn't have that many tools or much experience.

  • A 6-board box (a pair of X chairs in the background)
  • One of the X-chairs at Pennsic (Pennsic 30)
  • My early camp bed, based on the Oseberg Viking bed
  • All the other camp stuff floating around in that shot including all the poles for 8 tents, the trestle tables, the sink table, some of the benches, etc.
  • My second bed, this was based on the Gokstad Viking find. This was taken before I finished cutting out the head-boards into the dragon head shapes.