From Wayne's Dusty Box of Words
Lochmere Investiture (Sep 2010)

In the SCA I am known as Duke Gàlmr Ingolfsson. An Icelandic Viking from approximately the year 1030, settled in the east of that country as a humble farmer, woodworker, and sometimes warrior.

I've been involved in the SCA since 1985 and have accumulated quite a few awards. Here is my listing from the Atlantian Order of Precedence (as of Feb 2020):

Duke Gàlmr Ingolfsson

Gàlmr's Arms: Per chevron embattled azure and argent, two lions couchant respectant Or and a drakkar proper, sailed gules. (registered 05/90)


Other Awards:

  • Fellow of the University of Atlantia (03/07/1998)