Oldcastle Chain

From Wayne's Dusty Box of Words


During a knighting ceremony, the candidate is presented with the accruements of a knight. The most important one is the chain. Usually they are presented with one from their household and It's tradition to recite the lineage of that chain when presenting it.

As a member of Clan Oldcastle, I had the honor of wearing that chain when I was knighted. When it was time to pass it on to the next knight in the Clan (my squire Xenophon as it happens), I didn't want to screw it up in front of the entire court (which has happened in the past). So, I did want any good Viking would do in that position, I hired a skald to create a poem and recite it for me during the ceremony.

Mistress Keilyn FitzWarren crafted this for me in 1996.

A Poem of the Chain of the Clan Oldcastle

Hear now the honored tale of this chain of knights,
this gift, whose lineage begins by rights
With Cariadoc of the Bow whose prowess shone,
Of stature short and yet of great renown
And Asbjorn, mighty Bear of the East
Who twice as King made festive royal feast,
Then came the chain to Clan Oldcastle hands
with Gyrth the founder of that deadly band.
Next noble Richard, twice Atlantia's king
To noble chain, he adds another ring.
His brother next, the bold MacKenzie, comes
To claim the chain and likewise his two thrones
Then Klaus, the Troll, who once has held the Crown,
Accepts the chain and still, it passes down
To Dafydd, Earl from Welshland's downy hills -
His squire's duty to his knight fulfills.
For some few years, the chain Eastward returns,
to Gryphon in whom battle-lust long burns
Then South once more to noble Loric Bane
who leaving brought us sorrow, Meridies gain.
Then Christian, valiant, young and proud and fair
accepts the chain of ancient metal rare.
Now princely Galmr bears the weighty chain,
And waits until it passes on again
To Xenophon, the fourth in family line,
From royalty and knights receives this sign
And passes it to he who waited long Thegn Adenwald
who brews his ale strong It shows his heritage and knightly skill
Until he passes it to whom he will.