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A Cabinetmaker, Nuremberg, Germany (1589)

I have had a lifelong interest in woodworking. It's been a long and sometimes winding road: gathering tools, equipment, wood, and most importantly, skills. I would describe myself as an amateur professional hobbyist woodworker. Amateur in the fact I have not had any formal training in woodworking. It's mostly been trial and error, researching in books, magazines, the internet, antique shops, and furniture auctions. I am professional in that I sell what I make and have a stable client base of repeat customers, though it's not my "day job." I'm a hobbyist because I started this as therapy for myself from my IT career.

A fairly small shop still constrains me, but I can make most of the things on my to-do list now.


My interest is in 15th Century to the early 20th Century Anglo-American furniture, woodworking tools, and techniques.

I know; this covers a pretty wide range. But, as you'll see, woodworking tools changed very little from Roman times to the late 18th Century. The quality of steel (steel at all) improved over time, and the design aesthetic certainly evolved, but the kit of an 18th-century American cabinetmaker would be completely familiar to the medieval cabinetmaker.

For those of you coming here to see my SCA work specifically, know there's a fair bit of later stuff. I'll label the sections to make it easier to find. But, my house is slowly being furnished with Arts & Crafts and Shaker-style furniture, so there's also some support for those activities.