Workbench Images

From Wayne's Dusty Box of Words

A collection of interesting images showing workbenches sorted as chronologically as possible.

German 1764

Zum Tischer

French 1774

The workbench from the iconic Plate 11 from L'Art du Menuisier (The Art of the Carpenter) by André Jacob Roubo

Plate 11

Late 18th Century Moravia (and America)

Imported along with Moravian woodworking immigrants, the original is in the collection at Old Salem. The pen sketch depicts the installation of an organ in the Home Chuch in Salem Massachuttes in 1800 and shows a similar workbench in the background. Will Myers has reproduced this and made videos and holds classes on making them. I have used one for a 2-day class and it's nice. Here is a PDF describing his build: Will Myers Moravian Workbench (PDF).

Moravian Workbench
Moravian Workbench Sketch

Sweden Late 19th Century

Swedish Workbench.png

England WWI

Filton Shop building planes for the war.

Filton Shop